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Kindergarten through high school, our curriculum is established to meet and exceed state standards, while working with your child's individual needs. Whether your child struggles in math, or excels in writing, we have a multitude of solutions and services to help your child get the most out of their education.

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Sylvania Schools Parents Organization (SSPO) aims to tackle issues within the Sylvania School District that are beyond the scope of an individual school's parent organization. Each parent organization is charged with selecting at least one representative to attend the meetings.

Our monthly meetings only last 1 hour and are open to anyone in the Sylvania School District community. We typically meet at the Sylvania Schools Administration Building - 4747 N. Holland Sylvania Road - at noon on the first Friday of each month with evening meeting opportunities offered 2-3 times throughout the school year in order to allow us to target different family schedules.

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Our district seeks to ensure that every child graduate with the skills necessary to compete in the 21st-century world driven by technology. As a parent, you can help your child understand the value of technology as a tool while learning from their experience.

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Teaching & Learning

The Department of Teaching and Learning supports the mission of educating our students to make a difference. We execute the district core values of excellence, student-centered learning, collaboration, accountability, diversity and community-oriented decision-making in everything we do each and every day.

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Our goal as a district is not only to nurture your child's mind, but provide quality food for their bodies as well. Our food service department creates healthy breakfast and lunch options appropriate for the child's age and nutritional requirements. We work with local producers of fresh food and bring it all to the lunch table at an affordable price.

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Lunch Menus & Prices

file Elementary $2.75
file Junior High $3.00*
file High School $3.00

*Prices do not include ala carte purchases.